Friday, October 5, 2012

The Diary of Samuel Pepys: 7% Complete

As the title implies, I am 7% finished with The Diary of Samuel Pepys.  There are no "real" page numbers in the Kindle version (some Kindle books have page numbers that correspond the way they are viewed on the Kindle and some do not.), so percentage is really the only way of measuring my progress through this work.  Roughly, seven percent corresponds to about 190 pages.  Still a long way to go, but it's a start! 

I'm still working out the best way to keep you all updated and interested as this project progresses (if you have any fun ideas for kinds of things I could post, let me know!) but here's what I'm thinking so far.  First of all, I'm always learning new vocabulary words as I read these books and I try to keep a list of them, especially now that I have the Kindle with it's handy-dandy built-in dictionary.  So I think I will try to post a new word that I've learned every few days. 

Second, Kindle also has an amazing feature (and no, Kindle is not paying me to plug their product, but they should be!) that lets you highlight quotes that you like from the book and it automatically saves them in a special file of sorts.  I love this because I always find quotes I like but I'm usually too lazy to copy them down by hand in any one place.  So I think I'll try to share some quotes with you as well.

First for vocabulary.  The word of the day is "cicatrix" whose definition is, quite simply, "the scar of a healed wound."  I love this word not only because of it's musical quality but because it is nearly idential to the Spanish word for scar: cicatriz

And for a quote: Mr. Pepys writes, "This morning came home my fine Camlett coat with gold buttons and a silk suit, which cost me much money, and I pray God to make me able to pay for it."

I liked that quote because there are certainly people here and now who are buying clothes they can ill afford and then praying to God to let them be able to pay for them.  Some things haven't changed!

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