Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Diary of Samuel Pepys: 79% Complete

It's only Sunday and I'm already almost to 80% so I shouldn't have any trouble getting to that by Monday night.  Yay for long weekends! I'm even starting to think about which book I want to read next.  You can weigh in on that debate on the project's Facebook page.
The vocabulary word for today isn't really a new word, but rather a variation on a regularly used word which I liked.  The word is "sparrowgrass" which is apparently an archaic variation on "asparagus."  I vote we all start calling it sparrowgrass because I think that sounds nicer.
Today's quotes tell an interesting story.  At this time, Pepys' mother has been sick for some time and is suffering from what seems to me to be some sort of dementia which has resulted in dramatic personality shifts.  On the day in question here, a Monday, he receives word that she is getting worse.  He writes:
"So home after supper and to bed, and much troubled in my sleep of my being crying by my mother's bedside, laying my head over hers and crying, she almost dead and dying, and so waked, but what is strange, methought she had hair over her face, and not the same kind of face as my mother really hath, but yet did not consider that, but did weep over her as my mother, whose soul God have mercy of."
Pepys mentions several times over the next couple of days that he fears that his mother has died and that that is why he had the dream, and then on Wednesday he writes:
"So I home, and there up to my wife in our chamber, and there received from my brother the newes of my mother's dying on Monday, about five or six o'clock in the afternoon, and that the last time she spoke of her children was on Friday last, and her last words were, 'God bless my poor Sam!'"

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