Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Barchester Towers: 64% Complete

I started school today for winter quarter, so I'm hoping that getting back into a routine will help me get back on track with my reading.  Hopefully I'll be better about updating you all regularly as well.
Today's vocabulary word is one which I always thought was a made up word.  The word is "especial" and can be used relatively interchangeably with "special."  For some reason, I never realized that this was a real word!
I just have two very short quotes for you today, nothing too exciting.  One thing I especially enjoy about Trollope is the little insights into human nature that he inserts into the story.  Both of these quotes demonstrate that.  First,
"We English gentlemen hate the name of a lie, but how often do we find public men who believe each others words?"
And second,
"Is it not a pity that people who are bright and clever should so often be exceedingly improper, and those who are never improper should so often be dull and heavy?"

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