Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Barchester Towers: 44% Complete

Well, as of about a half-hour ago, my finals for fall quarter are over and I'm on Christmas vacation until after the new year! Thank you all for your well-wishes and cheers for my finals; they went very well.
I'm plugging along with Barchester Towers, as you can see.  I'm still enjoying it a lot, although this time of year seems to have so many distractions wrapped up in it!
The vocabulary word for today is "suffuse" which means to "gradually spread through or over" as in "her cheeks were suffused with color" (definition and example from The New Oxford American Dictionary).
One of the things I'm enjoying about this book is all the cultural and literary references that Trollope has included.  Being the sort of person I am, I have to go online and look them all up, so I'm learning a lot about other books and things in the process.  One such quote is the one I've included below.  Because of this quote I ended up reading the Wikipedia pages on William Whewell and David Brewster (both nineteenth century philosophers and scientists, in fact, Whewell coined the word "scientist" himself).  The quote reads:
"'Are you a Whewellite or a Brewsterite, or a t'othermanite, Mrs. Bold?' said Charlotte, who knew a little about everything, and had read about a third of each of the books to which she alluded."
Like Charlotte, I have a tendency towards knowing a little bit about everything!  Also I liked the made-up word "t'othermanite."

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